About us

History and Nature of Work

Alam Al-Khadhra Company for Agricultural and livestock Production, Oil Services, Commercial Agencies, Transport and Shipping Services Ltd. was established in Najaf Governorate in February 2010. The company is distinguished by the diversity and quality of its services, especially in the field of consultancy for the construction of poultry fields, hatcheries, feed plants and fishponds as well as its activities increasingly transcends to cover the marketing side of live and fresh chickens, chicks and feed. The company provides its services to a number of society segments as diverse as individuals and governmental and private institutions. It works inside and outside Najaf Governorate. Despite the increased number of companies and providers of similar services, Green World Co. Ltd has become able to build its own market, placing customer service as a priority, enabling it to provide pioneering services inside Iraq through the use of modern technology, efficient and distinguished staff, in addition to complex trade relations with local and international companies (C-LINES, PROVIMI, TRONGIL) that aiming to achieve the company’s highest goals. Although the main specialization of the company is in the field of livestock development, the company provides various other services as in the field of general contracting and oil services, transport and shipping.